Thursday, February 3, 2011

Community-based mosaic murals

Tomorrow, I am flying to Oakland, CA to attend a workshop on Facilitating Community Mosaic Projects with Josef Norris.  This is something I've been interested in for some time, following the work of Josef Norris's group Kid Serve as they work in schools to create amazing mosaic murals with the students, and also following Laurel True's work in Ghana and Haiti.  Community-based mosaic is a fun way to bring groups of people together for healing, empowerment, and beautification of otherwise plain concrete walls.

This one was made by pre-schoolers, their parents, and adult volunteers.

Through the magic of facebook, I've been offered lodging on a houseboat near the Institute of Mosaic Art, and I am so very excited to go away for the weekend on my own.  I hope to come back and begin covering the sides of buildings with fun mosaic murals, along with members of community groups and schools.

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  1. This composition at this scale works so well! I really love the midnight blue background and how it allows the kids' super big motifs to really stand out. Great work.